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Traditional sauce from South America, but Churri is our best version of traditional Chimichurri sauce.

Two months outside refrigeration and six months inside refrigeration.

Once you open it, we recommend refrigerating it.

It's our short name for our version of Chimichurri sauce.

Do I have to add oil or any other ingredient to it?

No, everything is measured to perfection inside the jar.

Is Churri Gluten free?

As previously mentioned, yes! Gluten free, vegan, and all natural ingredients

Is Churri only for meat?

Not at all. It is known for being put on steak, but our Churri, you can eat it with anything and everything

How is Churri preserved?

Olive oil, vinegar and salt act as natural preservatives

Can I recycle my Churri jar?

Yes! We highly encourage it. In fact, we like to reuse our jars to pickle food, store leftovers, make a small flower vase, or simply recycle.

Why is Churri a superfood?

Because it is only made with natural ingredients and every ingredient has powerful health benefits. We like to say it's also a superfood because it is delicious!

Is Churri vegan?

Yes, it is vegan, gluten free, and uses all natural ingredients.