Churri Spaghetti Squash

- One spaghetti squash
- 100 grams grass fed butter
- 5 grams chili flakes
- 2 grams of salt
- One gram black pepper
- 75 grams feta cheese
- 50 grams aged pecorino cheese
- 3.5 grams dry fennel
- 1 gram fresh oregano
- 50 grams churri

Step by step:
1. Cut the squash in half, add the butter and cook it in the oven at 380F for 35 minutes or until tender
2. With a spoon remove the squash and add it to a bowl
3. Add salt, pepper, and fennel.
4. Serve it on a plate and garnish it with chili flakes, shaved cheese, churri and fresh oregano